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Here is our team of experts who can help you navigate the complex world of business, food, shopping, lifestyle, and finance in Indonesia!

Our team is made up of individuals who have dedicated themselves to becoming experts in their respective fields, and who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with others.

Adiratna is a vibrant and inspiring Indonesian author, known for her unwavering passion and talent in showcasing the heart and soul of local businesses and places within her beloved homeland.

Her evocative writing style transports readers into the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture, enabling them to experience the unique offerings of each place through vivid descriptions and captivating narratives.

Adiratna’s love for her country shines through her work, as she masterfully weaves stories that celebrate the diverse beauty and heritage of Indonesia.

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Suharto is a captivating writer and food lover hailing from Indonesia. His passion for exploring diverse flavors has led him on numerous culinary adventures throughout his homeland.

Suharto’s writing is fueled by his love for food and his desire to share the hidden culinary treasures he discovers. His immersive storytelling and vivid descriptions transport readers to the bustling streets, vibrant markets, and local kitchens of Indonesia.

Suharto’s unique perspective and genuine enthusiasm make him an engaging and inspiring author for food enthusiasts worldwide.

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Eka is a highly regarded female author and fervent deal hunter hailing from Indonesia. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and innate ability to discover the best online deals, Eka has carved a niche as the go-to expert for navigating the dynamic e-commerce landscape in Indonesia.

Her passion for uncovering hidden gems and providing valuable insights to her readers has made her a household name in the country. Trust Eka to point you in the right direction for the most advantageous online shopping experience.

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Indah is a captivating Indonesian author who brings her vivacious spirit and infectious passion to every piece she writes. Her innate curiosity and adventurous spirit inspire her to explore the wonders of her city, uncovering hidden gems and unique experiences.

Indah’s work is a delightful mix of personal anecdotes, thought-provoking insights, and immersive storytelling. As a powerful voice in contemporary Indonesian literature, she never fails to enchant readers with her keen observations and infectious enthusiasm for life.

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Suparman is a highly-regarded Indonesian author, known for his extensive knowledge and insightful analysis of the country’s dynamic landscape. Born and raised in Indonesia, he has a deep understanding of the nation’s unique culture and socioeconomic climate.

With a keen eye for emerging trends and a thirst for current events, Suparman has made a name for himself as a reliable and engaging writer. His work spans across multiple industries, providing readers with a comprehensive perspective on Indonesian affairs.

Suparman’s dedication to thorough research and captivating storytelling has earned him a loyal following and widespread acclaim.

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